Why Do DORBA Judgement Day

Ok, so this years annual Judgement Day post comes earlier because, well with the upcoming weather – ya got time to read it! For those of you considering Judgement Day 2021/COVID-19 edition part II – two wordsDO IT. Need more than that? Ok………. (get ready for some reading) Judgement Day Background – I did the […]

Mini Bike Park – DFW Big Cedar Trail

If you were to tell me that there was a place where I could get a small taste of Bike Park – Down Hill experience with Wall Rides and Jumps in the North Texas – DFW area, I’d say you’re out of your mind. Unless somebody used like a quarry or something…that’s not a bad […]

Small Trail – Big Fun

When I started mountain biking around 2012, I thought it was the only offroad bike trail we had in Dallas. The first time I went out there and hit the dirt with my Trek 3700 D, I fell in love. I had a smile the entire 2.5 miles. Sitting here now, I’m glad it was […]