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The founder of Ladies AllRide, Lindsey grew up in Portland, OR and started racing mountain bikes in 1996 as a means to stay in shape while she sat at a desk working in advertising and PR. She fell in love with the freedom mountain biking brought into her life, but also fell in love with the challenges, frustrations and excitement. She has raced Cross-Country, Downhill, Enduro, Super D and loves to teach ladies to jump, pump and jib on their bikes. She has dedicated the past decade to teaching mountain biking full-time which has allowed her to become one of the best coaches in the business.

She currently travels the world teaching as many women as she can with the mission to show them how mountain biking can change their lives. She is passionate about the symmetry between mountain biking and life and has a unique style of teaching that helps women develop a deeper relationship with their bikes, while she also inspires them to live their best life. She is certified through PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instruction), and BICP (Bike Instructor Certification Program).

Full Bio Here  Fun Fact: Lindsey was on the TV show Survivor: Africa in 2001.