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Corinth MTB Trail

Corinth MTB Trail

This trail consists of an easy, two-way, family-friendly outer loop with two intermediate level, one-way, single track loops, called Thrashers Maze and PacMan Hill. The preferred route is a counter-clockwise loop leaving from Corinth City Hall parking lot. Follow the trail along Lynchburg Creek until you come to a small parking lot at the east end of the park. From here you can make a U-turn and connect to Thrashers Maze (look for the one-way sign at the entrance) or continue directly across Corinth Parkway and continue to ride the trail around the park perimeter. 

If you choose Thrashers Maze you will enjoy just under 2 miles of nice singletrack through tight trees. Thrashers Maze will terminate back at the same small parking lot from where it began. Cross Corinth Parkway and continue in a counter-clockwise direction around the perimeter of the park. When you reach the wooded area known as Pacman Hill note that there are several route choices available. Try different ways through but you’ll ultimately come out at the main entrance to the park. 

Proceed south across Corinth Parkway and enter the woods at the right of the parking lot. This is called Bobcat Trail and it leads back to the Lynchburg Creek trail that will take you back to City Hall. Look carefully for a few alternate trails that parallel the main trail and provide a more technical alternative. A well-planned route will net about 7 miles of trail. At City Hall you can also connect to the DCTA Rails Trail.

For current status see the Corinth MTB Trail FB Page