Why Pedal-Assist eMTBs Aren’t Doing All the Work for You

Mountain biker riding a Trek Fuel eMTB on a rugged trail with a determined expression, showing both human effort and motor assistance, set against a scenic mountain landscape with rocky paths and lush greenery.

Pedal-assist eMTBs like the Trek Fuel enhance your ride without doing all the work for you. Discover how these bikes blend your effort with motor assistance, making tough trails more manageable while keeping you in control and actively engaged.

From Full Suspension to E-Bikes: How History Repeats in the Cycling World

Split-screen image showing a modern full suspension mountain bike on the left and an e-bike on the right, set against a scenic trail with lush greenery and mountains in the background. Title overlay reads 'From Full Suspension to E-Bikes: Evolution of Trail Riding.

Mountain biking has evolved significantly, with full suspension bikes once facing skepticism similar to today’s debates around e-bikes. Initially criticized for their complexity and cost, full suspension bikes are now embraced for their benefits. E-bikes are following a similar path, addressing concerns and gaining popularity. Discover how these innovations are transforming trail riding and making it more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Why Riding an eMTB is a Heart-Healthy Choice

A middle-aged man riding an electric mountain bike (eMTB) on a scenic forest trail. He is wearing a helmet and sports attire, looking healthy and happy. The bike features a visible battery pack, with lush green trees, a clear sky, and a winding dirt path in the background, conveying a sense of well-being, fitness, and enjoyment of nature.

Discover how riding an electric mountain bike (eMTB) can help maintain a healthy heart rate, offering a safer and more enjoyable way to improve cardiovascular health. Learn the benefits of eMTB riding, from reducing physical strain to providing consistent aerobic exercise, making it an ideal choice for those looking to boost their heart health without overexertion.

How Pedal-Assist Mountain Bikes are Revolutionizing the Sport

A diverse group of mountain bikers, including traditional and pedal-assist bikes, enjoying a scenic mountain trail on a clear day.

Pedal-assist mountain bikes (e-MTBs) are revolutionizing the sport of mountain biking by making it more accessible and inclusive for riders of all ages and fitness levels. These e-MTBs lower physical barriers, promote health and well-being, and foster a more diverse and vibrant mountain biking community. Discover how e-MTBs are expanding the sport and opening new opportunities for adventure and enjoyment on the trails.

What is up with the root removal?

Today I noticed spots with yellow paint, marking harmless roots. My guess is they are marked for removal. If so, this will end up being additional pot holes that hold water 48 hours or more longer than the rest of the trail. Is this what we really want? See photos of the roots they are […]