Bikers riding on a rugged, well-armored mountain bike trail in North Texas, featuring wooden bridges, rock gardens, and lush green landscape under a bright sunny sky.

Maintaining a mountain bike (MTB) trail in North Texas can be challenging due to the region’s weather conditions and diverse terrain. However, with the right techniques and materials, you can effectively armor your trail to ensure durability, safety, and enjoyment for all riders. Here’s a comprehensive guide to armoring your MTB trail in North Texas.

Use Natural Materials

Rock Armoring:

  • Local Rocks: Utilize local rocks to reinforce vulnerable sections of the trail, such as stream crossings, steep inclines, and sharp turns. Place rocks tightly together to form a stable, durable surface.
  • Gravel and Crushed Stone: Spread gravel or crushed stone on consistently muddy or heavily trafficked sections to improve drainage and durability.

Log Armoring:

  • Perpendicular Logs: Place logs perpendicular to the trail direction on steep sections. This helps stabilize the soil, prevents erosion, and provides better traction for riders.

Trail Design and Drainage

Water Management:

  • Grade Reversals: Implement grade reversals to direct water off the trail at regular intervals. This reduces erosion and maintains trail integrity.
  • Rolling Dips and Drainage Ditches: Construct rolling dips and drainage ditches to manage water flow effectively. These features prevent water from running down the trail and causing damage.

Trail Surfacing:

  • Compacted Gravel Layer: Apply a layer of compacted gravel or crushed rock on heavily used trail sections. This creates a firm, durable surface that can withstand frequent riding and weather impacts.

Reinforcement Techniques

Geotextiles and Matting:

  • Geotextile Fabric: Use geotextile fabric under gravel or rock layers to stabilize the trail base and prevent erosion.
  • Erosion Control Matting: Install erosion control matting on slopes to hold soil in place and promote vegetation growth, which further stabilizes the trail.
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Born in Dallas and now calling Denton, TX home, David Riewe has a long history with cycling. He started his journey racing BMX and got his first mountain bike in 1988 while living in Duncanville. Though life took him away from riding for a while, David has recently recommitted to his passion for mountain biking. With a renewed dedication, he’s back on the trails, exploring and enjoying the sport he loves.

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