Gravel Road and Denton Bars

The wet season in Dallas-Fort Worth brings a unique challenge to mountain biking enthusiasts. With favorite trails becoming off-limits due to the mud and maintenance concerns, the local MTB community often finds itself in a bit of a conundrum. But fear not, fellow riders, as the spirit of adventure and the love for cycling can never truly be dampened. Here’s how you can keep the wheels turning and maintain that cyclist’s high, even when the trails are resting.

Embrace the Indoor Trainer

First off, indoor trainers are a lifesaver during the wet season. While it’s not quite the same as shredding through the mud and rocks, trainers offer a fantastic way to keep in shape and hone your technique. It’s the perfect opportunity to binge-watch cycling documentaries, explore virtual riding courses, or just zone out to your favorite tunes while keeping those legs pumping. Plus, it’s a chance to work on your cycling form and endurance without the interruption of trail obstacles.

Discover the Joy of Gravel Riding

When the trails are soaking, the roads and gravel paths call out to us. Gravel biking opens up a whole new world of cycling, offering a mix of adventure, challenge, and exploration that’s different yet equally satisfying compared to mountain biking. Dive into online communities like Strava or RideWithGPS to uncover new routes that are less affected by the weather. You might be surprised at the hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Organize or Join a Gravel Ride Group

Why ride alone when you can share the journey? Organizing or joining a gravel ride group not only helps you meet like-minded individuals but also enriches your riding experience. It’s a fantastic way to exchange tips, share experiences, and discover new riding spots together. Plus, it keeps the communal aspect of mountain biking alive, fostering connections and friendships along the way.

Skill Building and Bike Maintenance

The wet season is an excellent time for personal development and taking care of your beloved bike. Use this period to enhance your mechanical skills, clean and maintain your bike, or even embark on building that custom bike you’ve always dreamed of. Practicing balance, control, and technique in a safe, open area can also significantly improve your riding skills, making you a more confident rider once the trails reopen.

Stay Connected with the Community

Lastly, staying engaged with the local MTB community online can be incredibly beneficial. It keeps you updated on trail conditions, openings, and closures, and provides a platform to share or receive advice on riding during the wet season. Engaging in forums and social media groups can also be a great source of motivation and support during times when the trails are resting.


The wet season need not put a damper on our passion for mountain biking. With a bit of creativity and a willingness to explore new avenues, we can keep our riding spirits high and our bodies in peak condition. So let’s embrace the challenge, adapt our rides, and continue to support each other in our shared love for cycling. The trails will be waiting for us, ready for our triumphant return.

Happy riding, Dallas-Fort Worth cyclists! Stay safe, and see you on the (gravel) road.

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Born in Dallas and now calling Denton, TX home, David Riewe has a long history with cycling. He started his journey racing BMX and got his first mountain bike in 1988 while living in Duncanville. Though life took him away from riding for a while, David has recently recommitted to his passion for mountain biking. With a renewed dedication, he’s back on the trails, exploring and enjoying the sport he loves.

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