Today I noticed spots with yellow paint, marking harmless roots. My guess is they are marked for removal. If so, this will end up being additional pot holes that hold water 48 hours or more longer than the rest of the trail.

Is this what we really want?

See photos of the roots they are removing. None of these cause any issue to the rider.

Here are some of the potholes that have formed where previous roots, that were not a problem, were removed. This was around the 1.7 marker, leading into a nice (or what was nice) windy downhill that is now littered with water holding potholes, that resulted form needless small root removal.

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Born in Dallas and now calling Denton, TX home, David Riewe has a long history with cycling. He started his journey racing BMX and got his first mountain bike in 1988 while living in Duncanville. Though life took him away from riding for a while, David has recently recommitted to his passion for mountain biking. With a renewed dedication, he’s back on the trails, exploring and enjoying the sport he loves.

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