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Lone Star Snowpocalypse

I’m going to start this off by hoping everybody is good, comfortable, with power, and with running water.

As the snow came down so did my need to stay indoors. The urge to get out in the snow was overwhelming. I craved to hear the sound of crunching snow under my feet. No! Better yet under my tires! I’ve never ridden in the snow before! If I didn’t get out there I’d regret it. When’s the next time I’m going to see snow like this here?

I told Bottom Bracket that I was going hit that pow and asked if she wanted to go ride the parking lot. There was no mulling that around. She bundled up got the bike and was out the door.

We rode around the lot a bit, enjoying snow skids and the like. Wait…CHECK DORBA APP, there’s gotta be a trail open!! Horseshoe it was. I’m going. Bottom Bracket, you wanna go? Oh yeah, she’s going.

The 14-degree weather didn’t stop us, but it was taking a toll on our camera gear. I had 3 GoPro batteries, 2 phones, 1 point-and-shoot camera. I got just enough footage to make an entertaining video. I’ll charge tonight and go out tomorrow on that snow that falls tonight!

Disregarding the lack of power and running water, I rode the next day and am so glad I did.

I hope you went out there and got a chance to ride a local trail covered with that fluffy white blanket. It is definitely a different kind of experience and worth having.

If you didn’t and want a taste of the experience, please watch the video and enjoy!

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