If you were to tell me that there was a place where I could get a small taste of Bike Park – Down Hill experience with Wall Rides and Jumps in the North Texas – DFW area, I’d say you’re out of your mind. Unless somebody used like a quarry or something…that’s not a bad idea. Somebody get on that!

I digress; there is something here like that. It’s called Pitbull at Big Cedar. Now, Pitbull is not for a novice or somebody who isn’t comfortable with speed or their tires leaving the ground. This is a trail warming you up for a chair lift type bike park.

Don’t let that discourage you from checking out Big Cedar. There are loads of single track trails out there. As well as the Jump Line where there are 6 table top jumps to practice on and get warmed up.

I am very new to jumping as it was one of my recent goals for bike skills. So I haven’t even scratched the surface of Pitbull. So I take it one feature at a time.

Head over to Big Cedar and check out all the awesome features they have to offer. Always stop to check the feature. Check the follow through. Walk things you don’t know you can take. It’s always better to ride tomorrow then to try unsurely today.

Pre-Ride, Re-Ride, Free-Ride.

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I’ve been riding mountain bikes for about 10 years. Dabbled in Gravel, BikePacking, and Road. I would say this past year I’ve really started to focus on technique and skills rather than pure muscle and speed to get through the trail. This has been an adventure and an eye-opener to me of how much I just don’t know. But I would say since last year I have progressed more than the 10 years I’ve been riding combined. I have also recently created a YouTube channel to bring you along on this journey. I enjoy making videos and taking everything about mountain bikes and I am happy to express it on YouTube and now here in Denton MTB. I appreciate this opportunity. I am very open to suggestions or discussion topics and anything I can research and talk about. Let's go! Let's Ride!

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