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Small Trail – Big Fun

When I started mountain biking around 2012, I thought it was the only offroad bike trail we had in Dallas. The first time I went out there and hit the dirt with my Trek 3700 D, I fell in love. I had a smile the entire 2.5 miles.

Sitting here now, I’m glad it was my first trail. It was short had some decent climbs that kicked my butt back, and it was super windy and fun. I think having Arbor Hills being my first trail made me learn A LOT about turning, if you didn’t hit turns just right you were hitting a rut and losing control.

It’s been a good 9-10 years since I’ve been there as I’ve discovered more and more trails taking me further and further away from Arbor Hills. My skills progressed, Dunning-Kruger effect, Arbor Hills and I needed to move on.

One day I was cruising on the Gram and saw that there was a jump at Arbor Hills. A Jump!? Where would they put it!? How big could it actually be!? Had AH progressed in challenges through the years as well?

I had to find out. The video below is The Return to Arbor Hills.

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