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Are you a MTB rider or fan who can write on the topic of mountain biking? If so, then Denton MTB could provide you with a platform to get your story in front of thousands of readers and earn advertising revenue and/or increased promotion for your own business.

What is Guest Posting

Guest posting is a term that is used in the blogging world when a writer or blogger posts content on another persons blog. Bloggers do this to expand their influence and help with the SEO on their sites. Denton MBT is accepting guest posts because we need content for the site.

How Guest Posting Earns Money

If your work is accepted for publication on this site we will create a customized template that will be used to display your blog posts. This template will be designed in a way that you can benefit from it monetarily. This works out very well for businesses that are trying to reach people in the mountain bike niche. The business would get a template that promoted their business in the side bar and Denton MTB would promote their article.

Denton MTB benefits from tastefully placed Google Ads on the website, the Guest poster benefits from the marketing work of Denton MTB bringing in traffic to read their article and see their business name on the template.

What if I don’t have a business?

That is not a problem. There are many affiliate programs that you can register for then we will setup a template that uses your affiliate links. For example: You could register with and we could drop an Amazon recommended shopping list on your template.

How Do I Apply?

First thing you need to do is Register for this site. Next, send us an email via our contact form. We will respond within 24 hours, initiating the discovery dialogue where we both can learn more about the possibility of you collaborating with Denton MTB.

If we decide to move forward then we will require your first blog submission for review. If it is approved, we will then create your customized template and publish your blog on it. After the first post, additional posts will be processed much faster.

Requirements To Be published

  • Must be original: If you’re providing a news story or article, your content MUST be original. If you have already published the article we will need you to let us know the URL of the original so that the Canonical URL can be set accordingly. By submitting your news post or guest post article, you confirm and comply that you are the author of the article. All submitted content will be reviewed by our editor.
  • We accept press releases: If you’re submitting a press release, please send the entire press release with the original news source cited if available.
  • Must be high quality: We are only looking for articles that are of the highest standards. The article or news story must have a proper sentence structure, correct punctuation, and be grammatically correct. Our editor will review the article, and if it’s found to be spun or poorly written, we will not consider your content for our website. 

How to Submit?

  1. Submit your blog post here.
  2. Approval can take 3-5 days


Born in Dallas, lives in Denton, Tx. Grew up racing BMX, got first mountain bike in 1988 while living in Duncanville. Got sidetracked from riding and recently recommitted.

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