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South Lakes Park Trail

Update on South Lakes Park Trail. I have been working with the city on formalizing a plan to expand the current trails. To complete this it will rely primarily on volunteer help. The city will help but are short-staffed and have a full schedule of other projects – including Hartlee Field trail updates and well as one other that is still in the early planning.
Gary and Fince have graciously given me permission to lead the project. The initial plan was to build all the way up to the school and back but we decided not to eat all the elephant at once, so we are splitting it into 2 phases.
The first phase is to build around the current gravel path. One of the requirements from the city is that bike traffic does not cross the gravel walking path. So as you can see in the image below the trail will surround it. There will be an entrance and exit at the end of the downhill section (yes we have a plan to keep it) on the south end and at the front of the entrance. Bikes are allowed on the path, we just don’t want people blasting across it as people walk.
The drawing below is a napkin-sketch of the current plan. We have been marking over the last month or so. I met with two city employees today, one who oversees habitat sustainability and an arborist. We now have permission to start clearing. But most certainly have restrictions.
I will be setting up some trail work days. I know that it’s hard to donate time. But having 5-6 people work for an hour or two will yield exponentially more results than one or two who work all day.
Our goal is to have fun trails to access inside the city. We’ve begged for it and now it’s time to put our money (time) where our mouths are.
I look forward to the progress we will make. Join our FB Group for the latest news on all Denton Trails
– Caleb

Grand Opening Saturday

Mountain Bike Trail Grand Opening

Volunteers have worked tirelessly for over a year to create this Mountain Bike Trail, and we’re thrilled to have the chance to show it off. It’s the first of its kind in Denton. There will be bike shops to help tune up your bike for the trail, guided trail tours, food, drinks, a DJ, and even a bike ride with City Council. The ribbon-cutting event will be at 10:30 a.m. Parking and activities will be at the Clear Creek Davis Entrance, 5792 Hartlee Field Rd. The ribbon-cutting will be at the entrance to the Mountain Bike Trail, north of the parking lot.




November 20, 201

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Mountain Bike Trail Parking:

5792 Harlee Field Rd. 

Denton, Tx 76208

Welcome To Denton MTB

Our goal at Denton MTB Trails Association is to promote mountain biking in the Denton County area through the development of new trails, maintenance of existing trails and encouraging riders of all levels to get out and ride 🙂 Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and StravaBe sure to also register with this site to get access to our forums and our Buddy Press social media plugin.

From Denton we currently have seven great trails within 30 minutes drive. To the north we have Isle du Bois, commonly called “IDB”, and Johnston Branch or “JB”. Both are on Lake Ray Roberts, IDB being the closest on the South side of the lake nearest the Dam. East of Denton, we have the Frisco NW Community Park. South/East of Denton, in Plano, Arbor Hills. South of Denton, on Grapevine lake we have three more trails. Knob Hill Trail, Northshore, and Horseshoe Trail.

Denton MTB Park Status

Unofficially the trail is open. You can park at 5792 Hartlee Field Rd, Denton, TX 76208. The entrance to the trail is just up the hill on your left.

Interested in volunteering? Go to this site hereIf you have already volunteered, shifts are now posted here. There are 5 shifts posted for each day that has a scheduled Trail Lead. If you have a larger group you would like to bring, such as a Scout troop, please reach out and contact Carly Weld, Program & Volunteer Coordinator, Parks and Recreation, City of Denton.

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